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Interview with Peter Tongue | Part 1

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Angela Fraser interviews Gene Keys counsellor, Peter Tongue, about the current energies in February 2022.

In Part 1 - Peter answers questions regarding our collective awakening and humanity's ascension as well as information on our recent full moon, the mars/venus conjunction and the pluto return that is impacting the USA until March 2023.

In Part 2 - Peter discusses Gene Key 55 which moves from Victimization to Freedom and its Codon Ring partner the 49th Gene Key of Rebirth!

In Part 3 - Peter talks with us about ascension and what his understanding is about this process as we move from the third dimensional way of being to 5D. It is time to embody more love on the Planet!! The Shift is happening now!

Learn more about Angela Fraser's healing work at

Embodying more love on the planet, Angela Fraser is an Intuitive Energy Healer, a Certified Mind/Body Therapist and Instructor with over 15 years experience in the holistic health field. During these new times, Angela believes that our individual healing journies will result in a collective healing for Humanity. We are preparing now for what will be a glorious New Paradigm on Earth.

Schedule your own Gene Keys session with Peter Tongue at or by emailing him at

Based in beautiful Victoria BC, Canada, Peter offers a wide variety of services to help shift our awareness to the New Paradigm of Peace. Through a wealth of interpersonal experiences combined with a thorough knowledge of metaphysics, Peter uses a well-established process of alchemical transformation to empower YOU in your own life. Whether it's healing from a serious illness or awakening to your true life purpose, he is here to support, assist, and co-create with you on your sacred journey.

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