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Interview with Matthew Ashdown | Part 1

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Angela Fraser interviews Matthew Ashdown about his work as a Gene Keys guide, mentor and life coach. Matthew loves working with archetypes and mythology and relating them to individual and collective stories, weaving them in with the powerful work of the Gene Keys.

In Part 1 - we learn more about Matthew and his work; what lead him to the Gene Keys transmission, and the gifts of working with others. We learn more about the nature of forgiveness, the art of contemplation as well as the energy of INNER FREEDOM, which we believe will lead us toward a new way of being on the planet as a collective.

In Part 2 - we continue to discuss the art of contemplation and moving through our shadows to the gift that we can learn from them. The myths of Avalon remind us of a timeless wisdom that can be brought into our modern world for healing as we collectively hold a vision of sovereignty for ALL people.

In Part 3 - we learn more about the sacred sites of Avalon and the Seven Sacred Seals: a powerful esoteric, Gene Keys, teaching that explores the 7 core wounds of humanity and the Siddhis, which become the gateway that will bring about a collective healing for Humanity.

It is time to embody more love on the Planet!! The Shift is happening now! Learn more about Angela Fraser's healing work at Angela Fraser is an Intuitive Energy Healer, a Certified Mind/Body Therapist and Instructor with over 15 years experience in the holistic health field. During these new times, Angela believes that our individual healing journeys will result in a collective healing for Humanity. We are preparing now for what will be a glorious New Paradigm on Earth.

Matthew is passionate about restoring the balance between nature, spirit and technology. After being trained in the very left brained world of Aerospace Engineering Matthew found himself being pulled to teachings that help him train his intuition more deeply. He now offers his gifts to individuals and groups around the world. To schedule your own Gene Keys session with Matthew or to become involved in his group work please visit: Gene Keys: The Seven Sacred Seals:

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