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What is Holoenergetics®?


Holoenergetics® is a mind/body healing system developed by Leonard Laskow M.D. He is the author of ‘Healing with Love’ a book which describes this process. Dr. Laskow has conducted groundbreaking scientific research on the healing power of coherent heart-focused love energy. The holoenergetics process allows one to harness and channel this love energy for the purpose of achieving transformational healing on a cellular level. For more information on Dr. Laskow's work please visit


This healing session addresses issues of personal history and the personality and is designed to empower you to transform and heal yourself and others through expanded awareness, love, and conscious choice. In this system of healing one goes beyond relief of symptoms to find and unfold the fundamental sources of distress and illness. A powerful tool in this method is coherent heart focus. Recent research in which Dr. Laskow has been involved reveals that deep compassion and love can produce distinctive electrophysiologic changes as measured by the electrocardiogram. This state of heart coherence characterizes healing presence, which together with conscious choice and the release of past conditioning, can profoundly facilitate transformational change.



How Is Holoenergetics® Done?


The first step in Holoenergetics® healing is to set an intention. This allows the person to clearly establish what they want to heal or change. Next the person is lead on a guided meditative journey, which turns their awareness inward and gets them in touch with a holoform. A holoform is a dysfunctional energetic pattern residing in the body that is often the source of mental, emotional and physical problems. These energetic patterns arise from choices and interpretations made at an early age, about one’s life experiences. Even though these interpretations are no longer valid, people continue to hold onto them, allowing them to shape their present behavior and state of health.


For example, someone who was punished and humiliated for failing at something as a child may have carried into their adult life the unconscious belief that, “no matter how hard I try, I’m bad and deserve to suffer”. The resulting holoform may express itself as a physical pain or illness. Holoenergetics allows people to go back to the source of this dysfunctional energy pattern, acknowledge their relationship to it, and thereby come into loving resonance with it. At this point, any intention on a person’s part to change the holoform, will release it: freeing up tremendous amount of life force energy. The process is then completed by filling the void that has been created with an energetic symbol that vibrates with the positive life force really wanted at that time; feelings like love, peace, freedom or joy.

How Effective Is Holoenergetics® ?


Dr. Laskow performed cancer research using holoenergetics. In his study, two holoenergetics sessions were done on seven women with precancerous cervical dysplasia and two women with cervical cancer.


Five of the seven women with cervical dysplasia reverted to normal and continued to have normal Pap smears for the next two years.

One of the women with cervical cancer showed no signs of cancer after biopsy.


The other woman with cervical cancer reverted to a moderate dysplastic state which was then treated with laser surgery.

Source: Healing with Love / Harper, San Francisco 1992.



What Can Be Treated with Holoenergetics® ?


Holoenergetics can be used to treat any mental, emotional or physical issue, including: headaches, insomnia, sciatica, depression, stiff neck, self-criticism, weight problems, cancer, asthma, abuse issues, arthritis, heart ailments, low self-esteem, intestinal disorders and back pain.


Forgiving yourself dissolves the veils that obscure your inner light — your loving presence. What are these veils of separation? What are these structures in consciousness called the conditioned mind? Unconscious identification with your mind-made self veils you from your loving presence as: thoughts, feelings, sense perceptions, as your story, illness, pain, suffering and loss, your attachments and aversions, your judgments of others and especially of yourself. So forgiveness is about letting go, about releasing, about dissolving these veils of the conditioned mind.

Forgiving yourself is one of the most powerful ways to unveil your essential nature to let your inner light shine. And through forgiveness, we experience freedom, truth, love and peace. You may ask yourself where is this freedom, truth, love and peace? It is within. It’s about what is happening inside of you, the forgiver. So forgiveness is not about another, although that is the common misperception. Perpetrators need to forgive themselves. However, everything is non-locally connected, so when you release them through forgiveness, they frequently feel it. Another way to say this is that, since we are all interrelated, actually entangled at the level of consciousness, when you change, the relationship changes.

Forgiveness is about letting go. Letting go of what? It is about releasing attachment to the past, and attachment to resentments, grudges and anger. It’s letting go of attachment to judgment, blame, shame, guilt, suffering and loss, victim-victimizer perspective, and especially identifying with the story. It’s letting go of the story of abandonment, betrayal, loss, and the need to control through continued judgment and anger.

Fundamentally, forgiveness is letting go of the charge around the memory so that upon recalling what happened in the past, there is no longer an emotional reaction, just the memory. Now you are free — free to love and free to be.

Forgiving heals the separation from your inner light — your loving presence — by dissolving the veils of conditioned perception and belief. When you release the identification with the story, when you release the illusion that who you are is the story with its experiences and memories, when you really release the illusion, what remains is love.



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