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Reconnect with Your Inner Child

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Everyone has an inner child. You might see this inner child as a direct representation of yourself in your early years, a patchwork collection of the developmental stages you’ve passed through, or a symbol of youthful dreams and playfulness.

An awareness of your inner child can help you think back to lighter, carefree years, explains Angela Fraser, healing practitioner. “Being in touch with the joys of childhood can be an excellent way of dealing with challenging times.”

Not everyone associates childhood with playfulness and fun, though. If you experienced neglect, trauma, or other emotional pain, your inner child might seem small, vulnerable, and in need of protection. You may have buried this pain deep to hide it and protect yourself — both your present self and the child you once were.

Hiding pain doesn’t heal it. Instead, it often surfaces in your adult life, showing up as distress in personal relationships or difficulty meeting your own needs. Working to heal your inner child can help you address some of these issues.

Healing your inner child can take time, but this healing process is a good starting point.


Breathe deeply.

Breathe in and out as if through the centre of your chest.

Follow this guided healing process with an open heart.

About Angela Fraser: Embodying more love on the planet, Angela Fraser is an Intuitive Energy Healer, a Certified Mind/Body Therapist and Instructor with over 15 years experience in the holistic health field. During these new times, Angela believes that our Individual Healing Journeys will result in a Collective Healing for Humanity. We are preparing now for what will be a glorious New Paradigm on Earth. ​

Her practice includes:

Holoenergetic Healing (Dr. Leonard Laskow)

Belief Work

Axiatonal Re-Alignment

Esoteric Healing

Chakra Balancing

Sound Healing

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