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"Never before have I experienced such a deep and profound healing! I am pleased to say I continue to feel lighter, calmer, and confident that I can now move forward without my old baggage. Thank you Angela for your incredible help." - Marg Penfold, Victoria, BC (2021)

“I can heartily recommend Angela. She is a sensitive and vibrant being and cares deeply about people and the planet.“ - Connie Lebeau, Victoria, BC  (2021)

"Angela is a born, natural Healer and Intuitive, who embodies divine and unconditional love and Joy through her art, her music and her healing practice. She knows how to bring you in touch with your own  spiritual heart and feelings of Oneness, by her deep presence, her wisdom, her compassion, and her deep calling to serve humanity during these fast changing times in which we now live. Experiencing a healing session with Angela is a gift that I wish everyone can experience!" - Femke Woud, Victoria, BC, Canada (2021)

"I have always known Angela to be a Being of great service. My recent experience helped me feel this is such a powerful and direct way. I have total confidence in her and her work." - Danielle Lebeau-Petersen, Victoria, BC, Canada (2021)


"Angela is a natural Healer. Angela was able to lovingly bring out the old hurts and injuries that were blocking my growth both spiritually and professionally.  With Angela’s guidance, I was able to replace the blockage with an opening.  I am now attracting fabulous experiences and people into my everyday life, and I am open to new wealth and opportunities.  I highly recommend Angela as a healer and an intuitive.  She is certainly an Angel!"- Lisa Hanifan, Reno, Nevada, USA  (2009)

"Angela, you are amazing!  You have such courage, determination and unwavering focus. You are an inspirational spirit called to an incredible journey this lifetime.  You are a great teacher and an inspirational, wise workshop leader. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your work." - Mette Lockwood, Victoria, BC, Canada

“Angela's weekly meditations sessions were helpful in creating space in my mind from life's distractions. I found that loving myself and others increased and I have a greater acceptance of "what is."  Angela's guided meditation through breathing and visual techniques were excellent tools to access deep relaxation that led to an immense sense of connectedness with my higher self. I now have greater trust listening to my inner voice and messages from beyond.” – Sarah Conley, Gulf Islands, BC, Canada  (2015)

“Wednesday evening meditation came at a time in my life when I needed to calm myself and settle into my body. It came following an injury that I found difficult.  I particularly liked the guided meditation because it helped me focus inward but with some structure.  I found the "solo" time completed the meditation.  The sharing that sometimes followed was a nice way to wrap up the session too.” – Judith Walker, Gulf Islands, BC, Canada (2015)



"I've been suffering from migraines for over 20 years - tried everything, but nothing helped. Since migraines were getting only worse, a friend recommended Angela, so I turned to her, as my last resource. After just one session she didn't just heal my migraines - she helped connect to my higher self and activate my self healing abilities, which healed migraines. She gave me guidance and resources on embodying more love and light into my life that led to complete inner transformation and understanding of my Earthly life's purpose. Since that session with Angela relationships with people I love improved and I'm more present, focused and effective in daily life. I'm feeling happy, connected and radiating love, so much that all people I meet greet me with a smile. Angela is an angel on Earth, she's pure LOVE and I highly recommend her to everybody." - Jelena Milojevic, Victoria, BC (2021)

"Angela’s open and loving kindness helped to bring me to the core of what had been holding me back. I felt empowered and changed after one session. She has a way of holding you in a loving space while you work through the stuck places in your body and mind. She is of the highest vibration of love and light. I highly recommend her." - Denise C., Victoria, BC (2021)

"Angela is a wonderfully kind and powerful healer. After struggling with personal issues and ending up at a point where I felt stuck, after meeting with her I gained a renewed sense of competency in my own ability to move forwards. She informs and empowers in a way that will change your outlook for the better and re-energize your spirit. I highly recommend her services, no matter what it is you're hoping to heal from. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." - Emma O., Victoria, BC (2021)

"Without exaggeration Angela has been one of the best students I've had the pleasure of teaching in the past 40 years. In addition to the three-day seminars Angela has apprenticed with me for well over a year to develop the skills she now has as an accomplished practitioner. She has also assisted me in the writing of my second book. Given my background on the academic faculty of UCSF Medical School I have a very good sense of a student’s capabilities so I can say without reservation that Angela has special gifts of intelligence, knowledge, sensitivity and spiritual alignment that would greatly benefit anyone who has the good fortune to work with her." - Leonard Laskow M.D., FACOC, Founder of Holoenergetics, Switzerland (2009)

"Angela is a great intuitive healer!  Her natural talent came together with years of dedicated training. My daughter Alisa has recently had a powerful breakthrough at just the first session with Angela. Such results were not possible to achieve in the last six months of Jungian psychotherapy. We, as a family, are looking forward to continuing our journey with Angela." - Rajko, Valentina and Alisa, Victoria, BC (2021)

"Angela embodies a deep rooted wisdom of healing through love. She guided me on a journey to connect with my own inner light, beckoning me to live passionately on this Earth one breath at a time." - Valerie, Victoria, BC, Canada (2021)

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