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Unconditional Love Process with Angela Fraser

This heart-opening experience, the Unconditional Love Process, was developed by Leonard Laskow, MD and has been used in Holoenergetic® Healing sessions throughout the world. Angela Fraser will gently guide you through this process.

What is Holoenergetics®?

Holoenergetics® is a mind/body healing system developed by Leonard Laskow M.D. He is the author of ‘Healing with Love’ a book which describes this process. Dr. Laskow has conducted groundbreaking scientific research on the healing power of coherent heart-focused love energy. The holoenergetics process allows one to harness and channel this love energy for the purpose of achieving transformational healing on a cellular level. For more information on Dr. Laskow's work please visit

This healing session addresses issues of personal history and the personality and is designed to empower you to transform and heal yourself and others through expanded awareness, love, and conscious choice. In this system of healing one goes beyond relief of symptoms to find and unfold the fundamental sources of distress and illness. A powerful tool in this method is coherent heart focus. Recent research in which Dr. Laskow has been involved reveals that deep compassion and love can produce distinctive electrophysiologic changes as measured by the electrocardiogram. This state of heart coherence characterizes healing presence, which together with conscious choice and the release of past conditioning, can profoundly facilitate transformational change.

What Can Be Treated with Holoenergetics® ? Holoenergetics can be used to treat any mental, emotional or physical issue, including: headaches, insomnia, sciatica, depression, stiff neck, self-criticism, weight problems, cancer, asthma, abuse issues, arthritis, heart ailments, low self-esteem, intestinal disorders and back pain. SHOW LESS

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